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The Environmental Choice for Power

Environmentally safe, technologically advanced, and virtually “maintenance
free” sealed power. All characteristics of one battery. The new
ENVIROLINK™ valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) battery by HAWKER.

Environmentally Safe
ENVIROLINK™ (VRLA) batteries are very different from our flooded lead-acid battery products. The ENVIROLINK™ battery is a completely sealed gel
electrolyte battery. The battery never needs electrolyte or water added.

The electrolyte has been immobilized within each cell, and the vent cap has been replaced with a permanent pressure release valve, making this battery
leakproof/spillproof – and completely environmentally
safe. Being environmentally and employee safe means:

  • You never need to add water or be exposed to the hazards of sulfuric acid
  • .You do not have to be exposed to the hazards
    of hydrogen gas, which is generated during recharge on standard flooded batteries
  • .You can use and recharge equipment in remote or decentralized areas because of the reduction of hydrogen gas generation.
  • Your work area will remain cleaner and safer.

Technologically Advanced

What technology makes this battery so unique that it doesn’t require water
like standard flooded batteries?
The ENVIROLINK™ battery uses a recombination process that prevents
water loss. Recombination is a process in which oxygen is diffused from the positive plate to the negative plate and the water that has decomposed on the positive plate (to produce oxygen)
is regenerated by the reduction at the negative plate.

Because regular flooded cells are not designed to operate on the
recombination technique, they require watering on a regular basis.
The sealed gel cells enable oxygen to circulate freer, thus eliminating the
need to add water. No water ever needs to be added. No specific gravity readings need to be taken, and there is no hazardous leaks or spills. It’s environmentally safe and virtually “maintenance free.” The valve-regulated
technology enables the battery to operate with a permanent pressure release valve, instead of removable vent caps that are used on flooded lead-acid batteries. Because ENVIROLINK™ is a sealed valve-regulated
lead-acid (VRLA) battery, it is the clear choice for environmentally safe power.


Sealed Power
The ENVIROLINK™ battery is our power solution for customers looking to “virtually eliminate” maintenance problems and expenses while still providing adequate power to get the job done. Eliminating expenses lowers
your operating costs and saves you time and money.

The ENVIROLINK™ battery also:

  • Never needs watering.
  • Requires no special charging room.
  • Contains vertical cells, not horizontal, which help the battery to operate cooler.
  • Can be recharged in 9-11 hours with a full 80% depth of discharge.
  • Available in 75 AH in 23.50" heights with cover and in 110 AH in 30.75" heights with cover.
  • Can be opportunity charged.
  • Operates cleaner than standard flooded batteries.
  • Available in “packs” – which include an automatic built-in charger that makes charging your battery easy and convenient.

Application Checklist
ENVIROLINK™ is designed for medium to light duty
applications and thus fills a unique application/operation niche.

If your application meets ALL of the following requirements,
ENVIROLINK™ (VRLA) batteries are a suitable
choice for your application.

  • Your equipment is equipped with a lift lock-out or
    other device to take the truck out of service, when
    the battery reaches 1.90 VPC under load. An indication
    of the depth of discharge by the truck meter (time of
    use) is not sufficient.
  • The charger has a profile approved for gel batteries.
    • If the charger is a LIFEPLUS® charger with
      designated software, a 9-11 hour charge time
      is required after 80% DOD.
    • If the charger is a HAWKER POWERGUARD® SCR
      or POWERGUARD® CFR, a 9-11 hour charge time
      is required after 80% DOD.
  • The maximum number of cycles per day is 1 (one discharge
    and one full recharge).
  • The maximum number of working days is 6 when the
    battery must be charged in 11 hours.
  • No electric appliance (for example: warning beacon, light,
    heater, radio, etc.) will be directly connected to some/any
    cells of the battery.
  • The temperature range of use for the battery is between
    50°F and 100°F. Any use outside this range must be
    approved by HAWKER.

ENVIROLINK™ (VRLA) batteries are the perfect environmental choice for your operation if your application criteria match those of the VRLA product.
For the right HAWKER power solution to meet your needs, please call
for a HAWKER representative in your area.