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High-Speed, Smart Charger

LifeSpeed™ 3000 is the latest addition to the HAWKER
charger family. LifeSpeed 3000 is a high-frequency, high-speed, smart charger with the flexibility to be an opportunity charger or a straight-through charger — automatically. Fast charging eliminates battery changes, improves productivity, and reduces costs. A Battery Boss® control mounted on the battery gives LifeSpeed 3000 detailed battery characteristics (voltage, AH capacity, age, temperature, etc.) used to establish the optimal fast charging profile. LifeSpeed 3000 then utilizes patented AccelRate® technology to create a unique charge algorithm, which combined with the exceptional efficiency and power factor of high frequency IGBT technology charges your batteries faster, cooler, and at a dramatically lower cost.

At the core of the LifeSpeed 3000 high-speed, smart charger are patented methods for diagnosing and recharging batteries. This technology, coupled with the data being communicated from the battery to the charger, gives LifeSpeed 3000 the ability to automatically adapt to battery voltage, AH capacity, and state
of charge. So LifeSpeed can charge a universal range of batteries (voltages from 24 to 48 volts) and AH capacities (four sizes cover the full range of battery sizes) without any user intervention or programming.
LifeSpeed incorporates AccelRate technology to achieve a superior high-speed charge. Through a patented algorithm, the AccelRate profile reduces the natural resistance of the battery by inserting at precise intervals discharge cycles into the charging profile. This homogenizes the ion field around the plates, promoting a far better distribution of the active ions over the entire charging area. Therefore, a substantially higher charging current can be applied and maintained, resulting in a much faster charge, with a controlled increase in the electrolyte temperature.
With LifeSpeed 3000, batteries will be returned to a full state of charge, without excessive heat generation in approximately two hours, while greatly reducing your energy demands. And with LifeSpeed 3000, there is no need to interrupt charging at the 80% point to limit heating. You can do a partial charge or a full charge
whenever your work cycle demands it, keeping your fleet “At The Ready”.

Battery Boss®

LifeSpeed 3000 chargers interface with the electronic battery management system called the Battery Boss.
The Battery Boss control is a compact wireless electronic device that attaches to the battery to provide real-time battery diagnostics. The Battery Boss measures voltage and temperature and can provide the following data – Battery identity, age, type, and serial number Number of cycles Total discharge time Equalization charges completed or omitted Total rest time Record of abnormal operating temperatures.


Data stored in the Battery Boss can be downloaded quickly
and simply by infrared communication with a personal digital assistant device (PDA.) Using Tracker software, the PDA
can hold many thousands of events, satisfying even the largest fleets. Using Profile software, the PDA can also download all charging data directly from the LifeSpeed 3000.
LifeSpeed 3000 chargers also permit data from the last 100
charge cycles to be viewed directly from the charger’s digital
display. Data from the PDA can be transmitted to HAWKER
for detailed analysis and reporting of battery and charger

Bottom Line

LifeSpeed 3000 chargers:
• Feature high energy-efficiency and a high, constant power
factor to reduce operating costs.
• Fully recharge your batteries 3-5 times faster than conventional units, without requiring
any significant modifications to the battery. (The ATR 3030 requires dual cables.)
•Are fully automatic. Wall mount or floor mount models can be used wherever or whenever a full or partial charge is required to keep your fleet
“At The Ready”.