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LIFETECH™ is the latest addition to enhance HAWKER’s high-frequency, smart charging family.

Designed to specifically meet the needs of a cost effective and efficient high-frequency smart charger, the LIFETECH™ charger series delivers the greatest efficiency and highest power factor available in a simple, yet small footprint. The design is small and compact to fit just about anywhere.

The LIFETECH™ high-frequency, smart chargers can operate in four separate charging profiles* —

  • IONIC for standard flooded batteries
  • VRLA for HAWKER valve regulated batteries
  • AGM for absorbed glass mat batteries
  • COLD STORAGE profile batteries

*Based on a preselected factory setting.


LIFETECH™ features include:

  • Precise recharge according to DoD
  • In IONIC mode, flooded batteries can be charged using the
    ionic mixing technology by pulse currents. This special technology allows
    electrolyte to be precisely mixed and completely converts
    the battery’s active material.
  • IONIC charge profile and electromixing reduces
    overcharge, heat, and water consumption.
    • 16% -20% start rate depending on selected profile
    • Highest power factor and conversion efficiency reduces energy consumption.
    • Opportunity charge capable
    • Auto equalize every 5th cycle
    • Available in 24V, 36V, and 48V
    • An ABS flame-retardant enclosure to enhance the
      innovative energy converting technology.
  • LED display
  • 3 year warranty parts and labor
    receive a 6 year warranty when charged on LIFETECH™ chargers.