602 Ryan Avenue, Suite T-5
Westville, NJ 08093
Toll Free 1.866.311.2489
Fax 1.856.845.8692

Liberty City Battery, LLC is equipped to handle all of your routine maintenance, repair, and rebuild needs for your industrial batteries and chargers.

With fully equipped and stocked service vehicles on the road, including a 26 foot delivery truck, we are just a few hours from anywhere in the Philadelphia area.

On-site services:

We can keep your batteries watered on a scheduled basis, check the specific gravity and cell voltages periodically, and make any minor repairs right at your facility. For your chargers, we can replace blown fuses, damaged cables or connectors.

Shop work:
We are equipped to professionally clean your batteries periodically to maximize the service life of the battery and prevent acid damage to your equipment. We will clean and neutralize the battery compartment of your equipment while we have the battery out.

We offer acid adjustment, treatment for sulfation, and resealing for extending the life of your batteries.

We will replace any damaged or below average cells in your batteries when required.

We offer rental batteries and chargers (subject to availability).

If you have any questions about our services or would like to place a service call please
contact Chris Richter at 1-866-311-2489 Ext. 212 or Chris@lcbllc.com