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Top Power™

The Affordable Power Source
Looking for a quality battery at an affordable price?
The TOP POWER® battery from HAWKER delivers the
power you need at the value you want.

Total Integrated Quality
TOP POWER® is produced in the most modern,
environmentally friendly and quality driven plant in the
industry. At every step in production, we use the best
processes and materials to achieve one goal – Quality
Products. Take for example our “signature system”.
Whether it’s the stripe Wilman Araque paints on the
grids he casts, or the initials Earl Thompson stamps
into the posts he burns. Each and every person who
helps build a HAWKER battery places his or her mark
of quality on it.
The quality goes in before the name goes on!
The National Standards Association of Ireland (NSAI)
has also placed its mark of quality – ISO 9001:2000
Certification – on our manufacturing process.

Quality By Design
TOP POWER® batteries are the ideal choice for less
demanding environments. This workhorse will keep
your pallet jacks and lift trucks up and running for a
full 1,500 cycles. How you ask? It’s all in the battery’s
design and construction.
Let’s take a closer look at the TOP POWER®
battery’s construction and added benefits:

• Densest Paste – The pasted plate is the heart and
soul of your lead-acid battery. The grids are pasted
with active material that is the densest available
anywhere in the industry today. Added benefit:
Ensures long-life operation under deep cycling as
well as continued, uninterrupted power.

• POWERPLUS™ Formation System – Our revolutionary
formation system uses an acid recirculation and two
shot forming process. This ensures that every cell
of every battery receives a uniform temperaturecontrolled
acid bath. We also put at least 50% of our
batteries through a full charge/discharge cycle before
they ever leave the factory. Added benefit: Being
subjected to significantly lower temperatures
during formation results in more power and
longer battery life.

• Multi-Layer Retention System – Includes the
vertical wrap, koroseal jacket, and all encased in
a bottom boot. Wrapped plates are then sleeved
in a high-quality microporous plastic material.
Added benefit: Sleeved separators eliminate failures
caused by separator misalignment.

TOP POWER® is the ideal battery for trucks that do not
use attachments or trucks that do not operate in harsh

For the right HAWKER power solution to meet your needs, please call
for a HAWKER representative in your area.

TOP POWER® is clearly the affordable and quality
power solution. TOP POWER® will keep your
equipment running at peak levels – without
running over budget.

HAWKER’s Power Solutions
HAWKER is the source for power solutions. Whether
you’re running a warehouse operation, a production
line, or simply moving a couple of pallets a day, we have
a product solution that can increase your productivity and
save you money.

WATER LESS® – The Power to Reduce Expenses – Requiring
watering just four to six times per year in normal applications,
WATER LESS® combines the benefit of full power and reduced
cost, without the expense of a special charger. When packaged
with a comprehensive maintenance plan, WATER LESS® can help
get you out of the maintenance business.

ENERGY-PLUS™ – The Ultimate Power Source – When your
operation depends on a heavy-duty battery – a battery that can
stand up and deliver even under the most punishing conditions,
you want ENERGY-PLUS™! ENERGY-PLUS™ employs a unique
multi-plate design to pack more active material – and more
power – into the same space, not just added acid.

ENVIROLINK™ – The Environmental Choice for Power –
Environmentally safe, technologically advanced, and virtually
“maintenance free” sealed power. All characteristics of one battery.
The new ENVIROLINK™ valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) battery.

LIFEPLUS® TC3 – High-Frequency Power Source –
LIFEPLUS® TC3 chargers are the result of over two decades of
high-frequency smart charging experience. The LIFEPLUS® TC3
features plug-and-play flexibility – adjusting automatically to
the needs of a broad range of batteries – and its own IP
address for data networking. LIFEPLUS® TC3 high-frequency
switching technology offers the highest conversion efficiency
and power factor, significantly reducing electrical consumption
and demand charges.

POWERGUARD® HD – The Power To Choose –
The POWERGUARD® HD charger series consists of
single-phase and three-phase chargers for every
charging need. POWERGUARD® HD offers you the
choice of two different controls, the PRO (standard)
and the PREMIUM (high-end). POWERGUARD® HD
allows you to control your fleet operation while at
the same time control your operating costs.