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Water Less®

The Power to Reduce Expenses

Concerned about maintenance expenses? The
WATER LESS® battery is our preferred solution for
customers looking to reduce watering problems
and expenses without sacrificing run time or cycle
life. Requiring watering just 4 to 6 times per year in
normal applications, WATER LESS® combines the
benefit of full power and reduced cost.

• Valve-regulated (‘sealed’) products, while being
environmentally friendly, can cost you extra dollars
in terms of lost capacity, reduced cycle life and
higher initial cost. They also require a special charger.

WATER LESS® on the other hand can reduce maintenance
expenses by 90% or more while maintaining full capacity
and long cycle life. The WATER LESS® battery does not
require a special charger.

• When compared to a standard battery, WATER LESS®
saves you time and money. Less watering, less labor,
and less room for watering error.

Reduced Maintenance
By using proprietary grid metallurgy, special
water-saving sleeve separator material, and vent
caps designed to minimize water loss, the HAWKER
WATER LESS® battery requires watering 4 to 6 times
per year. Less watering. Less room for error. If for
some reason the battery is watered before the scheduled
interval, the battery’s performance will not be affected.
When tied to a preventative maintenance program,
WATER LESS® can become “maintenance free” without
the drawbacks.

Solid Performance
No need to sacrifice performance for reduced
maintenance. WATER LESS® provides the full
performance of a flooded battery.

• Full Capacity – The WATER LESS® battery offers full
85, 100 and 125 AH capacities.

• Long Life – The WATER LESS® battery maintains an
estimated cycle life of 1500-2000 cycles, based on
one cycle per day and 80% DOD.

• Application – The WATER LESS® battery can be used
in medium and heavy applications.

Reduced Expenses
Reduced maintenance means less watering, reduced
expenses and no special charger required.

• Less Watering – The WATER LESS® battery starts
gassing early and due to better charge acceptance
does not gas as heavy to mix the acid with
electrolyte. This means that WATER LESS® only
needs to be watered 4 to 6 times per year.

• No Special Charger – May be charged on a
standard charger – no special requirements or
special charger needed.

• Maintenance Plan – WATER LESS® can help get you
out of the maintenance business. Your HAWKER
dealer can set up a comprehensive programmed
maintenance agreement including watering your
batteries. This offers you a “no maintenance”
battery option.

WATER LESS® At a Glance

A powerful solution, WATER LESS® batteries:
• Save Maintenance Dollars
• Deliver Full Capacity and Performance
• Do Not Require a Special Charger
• Do Not Require Additional Counterweight
• May Be Maintained on a Quarterly PM Program

Take a look at the following WATER LESS® battery comparisons.

Let’s compare the WATER LESS® battery to both standard flooded
batteries and to valve-regulated batteries. If you’re concerned
about the Annual Cost of Ownership (watering and maintenance
expenses as well as the initial investment cost), the WATER LESS
battery is the clear choice.

• Compared to standard flooded batteries, WATER LESS®
saves you time and money. Watering only 4 to 6 times per
year, instead of weekly, can save 90% or more of your
watering expense. And less watering means fewer problems
caused by over/under watering.

• Compared to valve-regulated batteries, WATER LESS®
is not only more economical to own, but also delivers
more capacity and longer life.

Ask your HAWKER Sales Representative to conduct a
WATER LESS® Cost Saving Analysis for your company
so you can see what a difference the WATER LESS®
battery can make on your bottom line.

WATER LESS® – low maintenance, solid performance,
reduced expenses.


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